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Hello! I’m Hailey. I'm a writer, designer, and curious traveler from Boise, Idaho. I currently call Kelowna, BC home.

I love books, tent camping, and planning long road trips. Creatively I can't make up my mind; I dabble in many different mediums. Working across platforms is like cross training, though. Different projects inform each other, and I think my writing & design work is better for knowing both. 

I currently work as the Content Editor at and freelance with Contently along with independent projects.


As a writer I have a degree in Professional Writing, but my heart beats for Creative Nonfiction and Travel Journalism. I’ve published travelogues, listicles, interviews, and tourism content, but I love stories, essays, and memoirs too.

I keep journals and write postcards to home from wherever I go. My blog Go Forth, Explorer was featured in National Geographic Traveller’s Best of the Blogs June 2014.

As a designer I use hand drawn elements and calligraphy/brush lettering mixed with typography and strong layout. Although I work in digital design for most finished products, starting with ink on paper grounds the work for me and makes it feel real. I love sketching in pencil, watching watercolors bleed together, and feeling the scratch of a nib on thick paper as I make glossy lines of wet ink. 


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