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Hello! I’m Hailey. I'm a writer, designer, and curious traveler from Boise, Idaho. I currently call Kelowna, BC home.

I love good books, tent camping, and planning long road trips. Creatively I can't make up my mind; I dabble in many different mediums. Working across platforms is like cross training, though. Different projects inform each other, and I think my writing & design work is better for knowing both. 

I currently work as the Content Editor at and freelance with Contently and the Matador Network. I believe my job as an editor, writer, and designer, is to enhance the experience of information and to tell good stories along the way. Whether I'm condensing data into an infographic, re-working the flow of an essay, or crafting a new sitemap for a website, it's all about verbal and visual problem solving. Ultimately, the the goal is to communicate and connect. I crave bridging those gaps and I love seeing stories unfold.

I am currently taking on new projects. If you think we might be a good fit, send an inquiry to 


As a writer I have a degree in Professional Writing, but my heart beats for Creative Nonfiction and Travel Journalism. I’ve published travelogues, listicles, and tourism content, but I love stories, essays, and memoirs too.

I keep journals and write postcards to home from wherever I go. My blog Go Forth, Explorer was featured in National Geographic Traveller’s Best of the Blogs June 2014.


As a designer I use hand drawn elements and calligraphy/brush lettering mixed with typography and strong layout. Although I work in digital design for most finished products, starting with ink on paper grounds the work for me and makes it feel real. I love sketching in pencil, watching watercolors bleed together, and feeling the scratch of a nib on thick paper as I make glossy lines of wet ink. 


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