Against the Current: Saving the Sockeye Salmon

Range Magazine, issue 11 7/19 [Print]

Redfish Lake lies cradled in the crinkled palms of the Sawtooth Mountains in a glacier-carved valley in central Idaho. I spent my childhood swimming in its clear shallows, like my mother before me, and her father before her. This lake is, more importantly, the birthplace of the furthest-migrating salmon in North America: the Sawtooth Valley sockeye.


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A Guide to Minimal Waste Backpacking

She Explores 7/19

An honest, researched attempt to plan a backpacking season with less single-use plastic: tips for meal planning and prep, choosing reusable containers, and dealing with waste.


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11 Steamy Idaho Hot Springs with Camping Nearby


Idaho hot springs are a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors. But we must show them love in return.


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Audrey Sutherland is the Nature Writer I Always Needed


A review of the adventure memoir "Paddling North" and praise for its industrious, inquisitive author, Audrey Sutherland.


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Summer Adventure in Idaho: A Statewide Guide

Matador Network 5/19

Idaho comes alive in the summer. Wildflowers bloom, the rivers run fast and cold, campgrounds open their gates. It’s the season to get outside and fill these long, golden days with a variety of adventures. Lucky for us, Idaho is home to wildly different landscapes to explore — from high mountain lakes to desert canyons and everything in between.


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Travels with Josie: Tips for Traveling with an Adventure Cat

She Explores 4/19

Because cats are naturally curious low-maintenance pets, who can be trained to love travel too. Savor the world differently with a soft, curious animal.


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Laura Kottlowski Takes Her Passions Higher

She Explores 1/19

Laura Kottlowski is a figure skater and artist who skates on alpine lakes. For Laura, the exchange between life and art and work is complex but clear, much like the figures she traces on flash-frozen mountain lakes.


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Fall 2018 Reading Guide

She Explores 10/18

Since we’re continually seeking stories with the capacity to crack us open: ten women-authored outdoor-adventure stories to read this fall. Topics range from solo travel, surfing, skiing, to identity, place, botany, and motherhood. 


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A Beginner's Guide to SUP Camping

She Explores 8/18

Like other water travel, SUP takes you places that are impossible to access on foot, but unlike other forms - you stay upright and constantly poised to notice new details. Tips on how to plan, pack, and paddle... 


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The Ultimate Packing List for Your Next Camping Trip

Matador Network 5/18

Whether you’re a backpacker setting up basecamp for a multi-day mission or a weekend warrior planning that next epic car camping adventure, there are some essential things that just make nights in the outdoors better. My priorities lie with camp coffee, good socks, and bug repellent — but everyone has their own can’t-live-withouts.... 


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11 Reasons Idaho is the Best Place to be in Summer

Matador Network 6/18

There’s really no bad time of year to be in Idaho, but summer in the Gem State is extra sweet. There are rivers to raft, trails to hike. You can wake up to the sunrise over an alpine lake, surrounded by 10,000-foot peaks; come nighttime, you can sink into a hot spring under some of the nation’s darkest night skies... 


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8 of the Best Lake Hikes in Idaho

Matador Network 6/18

Idaho is home to some of the most pristine forest wilderness left in the Lower 48 — and we’ve got more than 2,000 lakes hiding up here, too. Pick your setting: the backpacker’s paradise of the Sawtooth Mountains, the less-traveled Gospel Hump Wilderness, the remote Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness…the list goes on.


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Riding Wild: Documenting 4,000 Miles to the Sacred Headwaters - Interview with Aniela Gottwald

She Explores 3/18

Aniela Gottwald plans to ride wild mustangs from Campo, California to the Sacred Headwaters of British Columbia, to raise awareness of nature and culture under threat - all documented in a film project called Riding Wild...



2018 Winter Reading List 

She Explores 1/18

This curated selection of books aims to feed our curiosity and continuing desire to be informed and inspired. We’re covering topics from conservation and personal growth to feminism and murder in the grand canyon, with social issues and history in the mix – all by women authors....



9 Incredible Ski Experiences You Have to Have in Idaho

Matador Network 12/17

Idaho has all the ingredients for an awesome ski experience: high-elevation peaks and runs, seemingly endless fresh powder, and millions upon millions of acres of untouched backcountry. If you haven’t skied Idaho’s terrain, your bucket list needs an upgrade. Here’s what you’re missing...



2017 Holiday Gift Guide

She Explores 12/17

We love the chance every year to share thoughtful gifts with the people we love, especially if those gifts are kind to the world and support causes we believe in. We’ve compiled a Holiday Gift Guide that aims to share love and give back where we can...



Copper Cow Coffee: Vietnamese Portable Pour-Over Review

She Explores 10/17

Morning coffee is a ritual, a routine. We crave that caffeine kick and the comfort of a cup to begin a day or energize an afternoon. It seems natural that we want to take that habit with us when we venture outdoors...



Best Served Wild: Anna Brones Author Interview

She Explores 09/17

Just as much as food has the capacity to transform an outdoor experience, outdoor experiences transform our experience of food. Whether it’s a good cup of camp coffee, fresh caught mountain trout with lemon & garlic salt like Grandpa used to make...



Lodged Out: An Unplugged Retreat (Recap)

She Explores 09/17

When’s the last time you unplugged? Really, truly, off the grid for more than one day, no wifi, no cell reception, unplugged It had been a while for me, too. Ever since my family got wifi at our cabin, we don’t really “unplug” anymore...

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Interview: Hailey's 20,000 Mile North American Road Trip

The Modern Day Explorer 09/16

While searching the web, as we often do, we came across a headline "North America by Motorcycle." It turned out to be an incredible story about Hailey Hirst and her boyfriend Jesse traveling through 27 states, six Canadian provinces...

Never Road Weary: A Continental Motorcycle Trip in 8 Parts

She Explores 07/16

"In spite of wars and tourism and pictures by satellite, the world is just the same size it ever was. It is awesome to think how much of it I will never see... you can pay a lot of money to fly round it nonstop in less than forty-eight hours, but to know it, to smell it and feel it between your toes you have to crawl. There is no other way..."

20 of the Most Important Travel Books Written by Women

Matador Network 10/19/15

MEN SEEM TO DOMINATE TRAVEL LITERATURE… or at least the popular culture of it. When we think of travel writers, authors like Jack Kerouac, Bill Bryson, and Paul Theroux come to mind... But what about the women?

North America by Motorbike

The Field & Forest Journal 4/15

After six weeks and just over 6,000 miles on a Triumph Tiger 800XC we are ¼ of the way around the continent. It started as a trip down the Pacific Coast last September but we decided to keep going from there, breaking the trip into 2-week sections over the better part of the coming year...


17 Things Only Someone Who's Been to Idaho Will Understand

Matador Network 5/15

IDAHO IS MORE THAN JUST POTATOES. Idaho’s combined public lands total 12 million acres, including 2.4 million wilderness acres and 3,100 miles of whitewater river — that’s more than any other state in the Lower 48. So yes, potatoes made us famous, but it’s our wild landscapes and the fact that any day can include a mix of hiking, biking, rafting, and skiing...

Idaho Might Be the Most Underrated Winter Destination in America. Here's Why. 

Matador Network 12/15

IT’S WHERE SKIING IN THE U.S. AS WE KNOW IT TODAY GOT ITS START. After the 1932 Winter Olympics, the chairman of the Union Pacific Railroad decided America needed its own destination resort like those of the Swiss Alps. He searched all over the Western states for an ideal location, and eventually decided that Ketchum, Idaho, was the perfect place...

9 Things About Winter You'll Only Understand if You've Been to Idaho

Matador Network 2/16

There are few places more peaceful to sleep than in a backcountry yurt in a world muted by snow. Many Idaho state parks feature yurts that can be rented that grant access to the world-class snow tucked between those snow-crested spires and pinnacles known for thin crowds and spectacular terrain. And you get to end your day with a crackling fire and the otherwise blissful silence of snowpack...